Monday, February 11, 2008

House Updates and Stitching Chatter

My contractor made it back to my house on Saturday. He is now feeling better so is hoping to make some progress. He's been held up some from being sick and in trying to find a contractor to do the drywalling. He couldn't find anyone, so as it sits now he's going to try and do the taping and mudding himself. He says he's slow and not the best at it, but right now I don't care!

I had a drywall contractor come in and look at my house last week. Can you say total waste of time?! I wanted to throw him out of my home in less than five minutes. He wanted to tear out all the work that had been done, inspect the electrical and all this garbage about this that and the next thing. GRRRR

Back to my contractor, Scott. I have some issues with the drywall tape letting go in the front of my house, so the repair will be somewhat extensive. To combat the trouble, we, as though I have anything to do with it, I'm just paying for it. He is going to install crown moulding around the front of my entryway. It will also have to be installed in my dining room as well since I now have drywall compound on the stucco and there is nothing to repair the stucco. The dining room alone will be an additional $40-50 to repair. Oh what's another $50, added to a bill of a couple thousand!?

Todd and I spent another 2+ hours looking at houses yesterday. We looked at 4 pre-owned and 4 or 5 model homes. There are certain things about both pre-owned and model homes we liked, it's just deciding what to do. How is it with more information, I'm more confused now than when we began yesterday? It's a little bit funny, but not!

We looked at a resale home in my neighbourhood, that the more I think about it, I love it. There are so many upgrades and things we wouldn't have to do to bring it to the level we would like it to be. I think it would fit in really well with the '5 year plan'. When I see Todd tonight we'll have to talk about it and see where his head is. His youngest daughter asked us, after we'd seen all the houses, if we had to choose one right now, which would it be and we both answered this house. That is a good sign! :)

On a stitching front, if one even exists, there is a SAT this week on the Cross Stitch Crazy board. I have the best of intentions to contribute, but I'm not sure how much since this week's work schedule is not conducive to good stitching time. If I'm able to find the time, I'll definitely be adding to my Love piece.

Pumpkin - Sorry to hear about the flooring bubble. One good thing is you noticed it before too much time had passed and it was near the end of the job. The one good thing about the new laminate is that it is click and not glue. The original laminate in my home is the glue! GRRRR If only we'd waited another year or so before installing the laminate we'd have click lock throughout and not the glue.

Happy stitching days to you

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