Thursday, February 28, 2008

Housing Update

I'm thinking this might be a blog heavy day! There is so much progress being made now. I can barely keep up with it all.

The red items are what is finished!

Lily's Room
Paint the header needs repair still nowhere near good enough
Hang the closet door
Hang the trim around the room, door and window
Hang the curtains - thinking of not hanging them since we have to leave them anyway.

Spare Room
Hang the closet door
Hang the trim around the room, door and window
Paint the door

Mud and sand one last coat in bathroom
Install the light fixture - being done right now
Install the mirror - being done right now
Caulk the floor/tub area - will be done by the end of the day

Paint the door

Dining Room
Install crown moulding

Paint the ceiling

Front Entrance way
Install the crown moulding
Repair and install trim around ledges
Coat the stair treads with clear varnish
Install the stair treads to the basement

Prime Paint
Prime the door to the garage and under the stair storage area
Build door to the under stair storage area
Hang the door over the electrical panel
Lay the floor
Hang the trim at the floor and around the doors

Clean it and organize it 3/4 of the way complete

I'm seeing a lot more red than not and I couldn't be happier. There are still some major jobs that need to be tackled but that is for Todd and the contractor. I'm really useless at this point in time. I'm a cleaner and a decorator, this I've learned. I'm happy with that except for these moments when I feel as though my ability to help has come to pass. Oh hell, who cares! It's getting done right?

I was really hoping this wouldn't happen, but it has. I'm really starting to love my house again. I'm working on not letting things affect me emotionally. I'm still working through not making the house the way I want it to be, but to keep it general and simple!

I'm off to do my bit with my broom and dust pan! Thanks for all the support. Hoping to have pictures up sometime tomorrow.

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