Thursday, November 27, 2008

Enchanted Fairy 35 Hours

Can you imagine? Another entry pertaining to stitching. I know there are some or one (Krista) out there that wants more substance to this blog. Enough with the books, music and stitching! I know I know! This is all I have right now, and even this is from last week, not even current stitching.

I hope to find my way back to myself and my days filled with more than working and being sick. I've been not feeling myself since Thanksgiving, so much so to the point that I've called in sick 4x since then. I've worked where I work for 9 years before ever calling in sick and now that I'm full time and have sick days, I've called in 4x. Is that a coincidence or I am just really suffering something!

I miss you all bunches and bunches. I am reading, but not always posting replies. That is nasty of me and I'm sorry.

Love and hugs,


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