Friday, February 12, 2010

WI Update and a New Obsession

I weighed in this morning with a 1lb loss. How the heck that happened I have no idea. I ended the week 53 points in the hole. I dieted on KFC and DQ ice cream cake in honour of Queenie's birthday over the past week. I was not expecting this loss, not one bit, but I will take it and be happy with the overall loss of 7lbs total since I've recommited to being accountable to my body.

I've been playing around with the idea of eating clean. I really want to, but I know I lack the commitment and the time to make it really work for me. As much as I am not embracing the clean eating entirely I'm working towards eating cleaner if not more often than not.

I spend way too much time assembling my newest food addiction so I decided to finally get smart and pre-made 5 containers. Without further adieu, my newest addiction.... overnight oats.

1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup almond butter, 2 tbsp vanilla protein powder, half a mashed thawed banana. Yummy!

And then, a dozen hard boiled eggs that will be in the fridge for a quick pre-made snack.

I was planning on running today. I missed yesterday's run because I was working two 8 hour shifts with not enough time in between. Today's run did not happen because I'm dragging ass in a bad way. I'm sick of being sick. I've been doping up on sinus pain meds and could do without the aches in my arms and shoulders. I hope to get a good night sleep, once I finally get home at 2am. I'm loving the run now. I would have been somewhere near to 80K for the year if I could have run today. No point stressing about it now. It didn't happen. Get over it. Tomorrow is a long run 72 minutes. I hit 7.7K last week at 60 minutes so, I'm really excited to see what tomorrow's run brings.

Ta ta for now.

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