Sunday, February 21, 2010

Survived The Streets

My long run was yesterday. Time got away from me yesterday so I'm reporting in today. I think I should have posted right after my run. It would have been funny because of the runner's high, the frozen body and numb brain the censoring of my feelings would not have happened.

I woke up yesterday to snow. More than enough especially considering that I wasn't expecting snow. I know that is silly thinking. February in Ontario? I was thinking no snow? I was in denial as to the time of year. Ya, that's what it was.

I hit the street with my Garmin set, the ipod plugged in and layered up. I donned a Habs hat to keep my ears warm and off I went. I must say, perfect amount of clothing for the temperature. Ya me!

The first 20 minutes are always the toughest for me. I really struggle mentally with the magnitude of any run, short or long, until after the first 2o minutes, after that I got in to a bit of a groove. At 25 minutes it finally dawned on me, this is a LSD run, not a run that I'm fearful of being caught by a pack of rabid dogs. It was then that things REALLY started moving in the right direction.

I am very close to the city limits and could have taken my run city bound or more country bound. I chose to head out towards the open space, less traffic and prettier views. I really enjoyed being on the road and not being surrounded by the city sights and the basement surroundings while on the treadmill. There was time when I could smell the burning of wood from a wood stove, laundry being done and to see the beauty of an old dilapidated barn was wonderful. I heard my feet hitting on the crunch of small stones, a sound I love. It was a great run.

Now that I've painted the pretty picture of my run, I'll share the not so pretty of my outside run. There was nose secretions - gross I know, but so much a factor. There as the mud puddles that I tried so hard not to swim in, there was crossing the bridge and over the 401 highway - scary. Not to be forgotten the hill that leads over the 401, that I had to cross at 1h 7m of a 1h 20min. run. Not pretty either!

I came home a lovely mess to be greeted by Cute Boy and Daisy dog. That was the best part. Cute Boy was just starting his day and the coffee was brewing. After showing Cute Boy all my sweaty clothes, beeming with pride. I love those sweaty marks on my clothes. I share them like an honour badge, and to be completely honest, I shared the nose mucus on my pants too. I think all in all, it was a good run. I was wondering at times about the smarts of my decision to do this half marathon and taking it to the street, but to tell the truth, I felt so alive it's not to be believed. I loved the quiet of my thoughts even over the sounds of my ipod screaming in my ears. It was just me on the open road.

When I came to a particular spot in my return run home, I started running 15 second sprints. I read somewhere to do this to enable a strong finish. So, I'm a glutton for punishment, I did it. The point in my run that I saw Cute Boy's truck in the driveway, but still a distance from home, I couldn't find the words to tell you how proud I was of myself (not something I'll say often), but it was a sweet moment.

1h 20m, I ran 6.82mi/11.9K and felt amazing! Now if I could just figure out how to walk so that it didn't hurt quite so much. I thank each and every one of you for your support thus far.

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