Thursday, February 18, 2010

Decisions, Deals and Dollars

My eldest daughter has joined the gym. I may or may not have mentioned that in a previous post. I am so incredibly proud of her. I was talking to her last night about her gym going and the Yoga class she just finished. Queenie in a Yoga class - WOW!

So, not only has my beautiful daughter joined the gym, but she'd joined GoodLife. Oh, how I love GoodLife. I've had some of my most wonderful intense and successful workouts at GoodLife. After a time of cheating on GoodLife and joining Premiere, I would live without working out if Premiere were the only gym in town. It was one of the worst financial decisions I ever made. When I say that, it really means something because I've made a lot of financial mistakes in my times. Still do actually. That is what I'm weighing in my head right now, the possibility of making another financial mistake.

Queenie is able to get me a membership by signing up through her for $22.00 per month. That is insane! I pay more than that for a corporate rate offered at work. I just don't know if I would make it worth my while financially. I know I want to weight train, but would I use it enough to make it worthwhile? Am I just wanting it because I'm running more in preparation of the 1/2 marathon?

I want the arms I used to have. I want the shoulders I used to love see lift things and show wicked beautiful definition. I want the slimmer middle that was brought on by the weights I lifted and lifted with great intensity. Are all these wants enough to pay for themselves in $22.00 per month? In my head - yes. In reality - I just don't know.

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