Saturday, February 13, 2010

Run Her To The Ground (language)

The craziness of what I'm attempting to do snuck up on me like a creeper in the night. I'm about ready to start my run. I've stretched. I've got the ipod in the ears. The water bottle is in it's place with a second close by. I look down at the treadmill screen that has my training program propped in front. I see 72 minutes. I hear this voice in my head say, "What were you thinking? You can't do this". It was so loud and clear. I let her chatter on for a bit and then, seriously I hear another voice in my head say, "Shut up bitch". I swear to the sky, I'm not crazy. It was the weirdest moment ever. I turned on the treadmill and I ran that bitch to the ground!

I ran for 1 hour 12 minutes and 9K later (wanted 10K), I'm done my run for the day. I ran to the serenade of Keith Urban telling me, he'd Hit the Ground Running and the Southern Voice of Tim McGraw. There was some JT Bringin' Sexy Back and some Black Eyed Peas Meeting Me Half Way. I had some rappin' Bounce along for the ride and Nelly Ridin' Wit' Me. All in all, I had great company on my run today. All the company and hotness that was streaming from my ipod drown out that negative nelly in my head.

I know this training is long from over and as much as there are times ahead of me that I will struggle and times that I will persevere through the negative chatter I am so happy to be on this journey. It's not always about the finishing time, although I want to do well with my time, it's more about what I'm learning about myself. I can stomp out the chatter, put my mind to something and do it. I'm a very driven person for the most part, but I do fall victim to not being sure I am capable. Today, I feel capable.

So, bitch, TAKE THAT!

Have a great day and be kind to those around you.

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