Tuesday, January 05, 2010

All Over The Place

Trying to be more accountable to my blog and legions of fans, I am making an effort to post more regularly. Legions of fans! I'm so funny.

Once I really start training for this half marathon, I will probably bore to you bits with the details of my aches, pains, failures and successes. Until then, I'll just bore to bits with the everyday happenings in my world.

Life is finally back to normal now that the holidays are over. Well, as normal as normal is in my life. All signs of Christmas are removed from the house and packed away for the next 11 months. It is such fun to decorate, but not so much putting it all away. I'm loving how clean the house feels again. The house feels clean until Daisy the dink dog runs in the house with snow covered paws. Little monster!

I finally got in my first treadmill run of the year. Yaaaaa!!! It was great to get my legs moving again. I pushed out a 4K run in just over 30 minutes. I'm moving in the right direction and that feels great.

Isn't it funny when you're putting forth the effort to work out, run or whatever your passion for fitness, your eating will follow suit. Nothing I hate more than working out and then putting crap in my mouth. I find when I'm working out, as much as I struggle to find the time, that life just takes on an easier, more laid back flow. Maybe there is something to that endorphin thing, eh?

Are you bored yet???

Have a great one!

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