Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life in a Nutshell.... errr Nuthouse

Where do I begin?

My friend is still in the hospital. There have been tests and now we wait for the results.

I've been in to visit her every day and I will continue to do so. She is looking much better than when I first saw her. Outside appearances are one thing, it's the goings on inside her that are causing me great concern. Whatever the path, we will meet and we will conquer! Please, keep her in your prayers and thoughts!

I've completed all of my own medical tests. I went for an E.C.G last week and my stress test yesterday. Oh, the stress test was soooo much fun - NOT!!!! I had to strip from my waist up. There were a bunch of electrode probe things stuck to my upper body. They technician took my resting heart rate and such. Onto the treadmill I climbed and then I walked for 2 minutes at one level of speed and incline, to be increased every 2 minutes. It was interesting to watch all the numbers. I'm a stats kinda girl, so this part was fun. The not so fun part, was the breath in, breath out part of the picture taking to see my heart activity. That little scanner poking in to my ribs while I was breathing in and out was like the reverse of pregnancy with a foot in the rib sorta feel.

I don't talk about it much on here, but I'm estranged from my father. I'm not giving him an excuse in any of this because he is an adult that can make his own decisions, but a lot of our issues stem from his wife (not my mother). Well, anyway, while on the treadmill, the technician started talking to me about family and for some reason she asked me about my dad. In conversation the topic of his wife and my dislike of her came up. After the testing was complete she indicated that when she was talking to me about my dad's wife, my heart rate increased quite a bit. I've always said the woman stresses me out and now I have documented proof! Hmmph!

I interviewed for a job at a different hospital for the same type of job I do now. I heard back yesterday afternoon that I got the job! I'm of two minds here. I know I need to work another job to pay down my current debt load, but I'm not sure how much I can do as far as availability goes to make an actual difference, for the department and for myself. I guess I will have to keep an open mind and see how it all works out.

I played a new organized sport last night! A good group of people from my ball team have joined a recreational volleyball team. OMG was it ever fun. I will only be able to make the games every other week and that is major bummer. I want to flip all my Monday evening shifts to day shifts now. How bad is that? Oh, check out out name - Ball Busters. Cute, eh! We played 3 games last night and won 2 of them! Good times!!!!!

I think that's all I've got to share for the moment. Tomorrow Cute Boy and I are on our way to pick up Queenie (new readers - this is my oldest daughter). I'm so excited. I've not seen her since the beginning of August and hugs are long overdue! WOOHOO!!!! My oldest baby is coming home and I couldn't be more excited!!!

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