Monday, September 21, 2009

Less Than 2 Weeks Now

Less than 2 weeks now and my team and I will be have run the CIBC Run for the Cure. It is the annual Breast Cancer fundraiser. This is my second time participating and can't wait. Last year, being my first year, I had no idea what to expect. Not so this year. I'm prepared for the tears that I know are going to come, and that is before the run even gets underway!

I've been fundraising in my office at work all year long. I've had a Pink Penny Cup on the desk and it has been emptied numerous times with about $75.00 collected. I had a cookie sale in the office that raised just under $40.00. Thank you Barbie for all of your time, money and enthusiasm. I've not raised the kind of money I had hoped to raise. I was wanting to have a Pink Poker Party (next year for sure), a friend was to knit a pink scarf to raffle off. There was to be a garage sale that didn't happen. I'm disappointed in the things that didn't happen, although I will not lose sight of the fundraising that has been done so far.

My team consists of some pretty amazing women and little girls alike. We range in age from 7-44. It is quite a group and people I'm blessed to be able to spend a couple hours with and to be able to raise money for a very worthy cause makes it all the better . As of right now, my team has 11 members. I've been on the look out all year for inexpensive pink things to put in a little 'Thank you' bag for each of my team members. I guess now is the time to get crackin' on that. I have a couple little girls that I may have to get something a little extra special for, just because! We'll see what I end up with for them.

As awesome as the shoe is and a pair would be even better, I couldn't imagine doing the Run in them. It would be something to see though, if only to be able to own such a kick ass pair of shoes!

Have a great day!

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