Thursday, September 03, 2009


I have had the most horrific week.

I've been sick since Sunday afternoon. Felt completely fine up to a point and then BAM! I feel a sinus headache and stuffy head coming on.

My week went something like this -

Monday - Went to work. Picked up some pain meds on my way home. They worked to a point. Knocked me out and made my loopy silly.

Tuesday - Went to work and played ball. Ball was great - WE WON. We NEVER win! I was starting to feel more human. I think it was the fresh air.

Wednesday - Got ready for work. Felt great. Thought it was going to be a great day. I no sooner left the house and I wasn't sure if I was going to vomit or experience anal explosion (TMI, I know) all the while feeling, hot, sweating, cold clammy. I was at work just over an hour half. Home I came to bed.

Thursday - Called in sick (hate that part) and now I'm sitting here drinking tea trying to warm up. On my way back to bed with a book and a snuggle blanket. I revert to a child when I'm sick. I'm so like a man when I do that!

Friday - holiday taken because of season ending ball tournament. Hope to feel human so as to partake in the festivities.

My week in a nutshell. I want this week to end, but I want to feel well enough to enjoy my ball party and friends. This is the culmination of a summer of ball. This party. This weekend.

Wish me well, if you will!

Take care.

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