Friday, September 18, 2009

What's In Your Heart?

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday to have a peek see in to what may have caused my issues of Sunday past. I'm really not all that concerned right now or prior to the appointment. Mind you, when I was suffering the pain I was scared to death.

The doctor asked me a bunch of questions, of course. I was a little taken aback my his approach to things. He gave me my options of yes or no, giving me the control to say whether or not I wanted to follow this situation up or let drop and see what happens. I found that very odd. Not in a way odd that I don't like my doctor sorta thing, but odd that I'm not educated to know what I should or shouldn't push. I told him I'm not educated enough to know and don't want to waste the time of the health care professionals, money and whatnot, especially if I'm just over reacting to something that was a fluke type thing. It was then that he said it was his opinion that it wouldn't hurt to take this just a bit further, just to be safe. Okay then.

I have a requisition for an Echo cardiogram that I can do when I'm able. It's a walk in service. I will also be getting a call for a cardiac stress test. I'm not overly concerned now that I've had some time to distance myself from my fears of Sunday. The Echo will be able to give the doctor other health issue indicators if there are any and I'm happy for that much anyway.

That's all I have on the medical front and I think that is more than enough for now.

Thanks for caring. Thanks for reading.

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