Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The last couple days have been tough. Tougher than normal.

My ex-husband's grandfather passed away yesterday. Grandpa has been struggling for quite some time now and he has finally been released from his pain and suffering. It is not an easy loss, but it was expected. Being expected makes in no easier to handle.

I spent the day yesterday (Tuesday) with my in-laws and my sister in-law, along with my other family members while Grandpa was in his last moments of life. I wasn't with the family when he finally passed, but being that I was at work, and he was in 'my' hospital, I was still able to offer my love and support.

My heart hurts for my mother-in-law. I never like to see her hurting and to see her suffer and feel her sadness is difficult. I will be taking Thursday off work to attend services. The burial is on Saturday. I am off, so I'll be there for that too. I'm extremely concerned about Princess. She is such an emotional critter. She has a tendency to absorb the pain of those she loves, so I know her heart will be breaking when she sees the emotion in her Grandma over the next couple days. I'm mostly taking the day off work because of Princess and her sensitive tendencies.

My oldest daughter, Queenie isn't able to get the time off work to get down to attend any of the services. That is going to be tough on her. I understand and I know her grandmother will too. Sometimes life just sucks!

The world has lost an amazing man. A man I've not seen in a while, but a man that has lived a good, honourable life. A man that I'm proud to have been able to consider family for the last 20+ years. Grandpa Gilpin, you will be missed!

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