Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Stuff

I've been up and on the go since 8am and haven't accomplished much other than a couple cups of coffee and a bit of house cleaning.

Cute Boy is gone to work so it's just Miss Daisy and me for the rest of the day. There is so many things that need to be done. Treadmill, weight train, floor washing, stitching (gasp) and a couple movies to be watched is what I have on the agenda for the day.

First on the list has to be the work out or I'll put it off so long that I'll end up doing nothing and that is not the path to success! :)

In answer to a couple questions in my comment section - Yes, I've been on anti-depressants in the past (2x). I know the value of them and the importance of meds at times like this. My very first bout of depression was difficult, as was expected. One thing, I'm never ashamed of is being depressed. Although, I'm saying I like or look forward to it. t is something broken with my emotions and chemical balance. It is no different in my opinion, than having a broken arm other than the hurts inside aren't something seen to the human eye, but deserves as much respect and understanding.

I'm off to do some of the chores I've listed. I will hopefully be back with a few other posts today, since I've some things I want to share.

Have a great one!

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