Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Sweetness

I've finished my run. I felt and feel incredible. If I feel so incredible, someone please tell me why I delay the work out and the running like I do. I'll never figure it out.

I did intervals for 40 minutes. 4.89KM later, so close to 5K, I'm done for the day. I did a mini shoulder, bicep work out as well. One work out at a time. I will build on this tomorrow with something physical. Maybe a bike ride, maybe a walk on the treadmill, or better yet outside with the dog. Shhhhh, don't read that part too loud because if she hears the word "walk" she goes crazy. Cute, but crazy.

Here was my post work out snack. One of my all time favorite combos right now. Can't get enough of it.

1/2 cup Liberte Yogurt
splash vanilla
1/2 sweetener packet
chopped strawberries
1/2 all bran bar

After assembly, it looks like this:

I love the crunch of the granola bar on top and the fact that it's only a 4 point snack. I get in a dairy serving as well as a portion of fruit. Yummy goodness!

I'm outta here for now. I'm off to attempt to knock things off my to-do list.

Again, have a great day!

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