Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Until Next Time

The vacation is over. Sad to say, but true none the less. It's over. I'll always have the weight I gained though, errrrr the memories. Oh, I'm so funny - not!

Seriously, the vacation is over and for that I'm incredibly sad. This was my first paid weeks holiday. I loved that part. The part I couldn't deal so well with, was the Sunday afternoon and having to get ready for work again. How time flies when you're having fun.

I was due to weigh in on Friday past and didn't. I was a big chicken. I ate insane amounts of food and consumed copious amounts of Corona while on my week's holiday. I don't know what the hell happened to the otherwise normally conscientious me. I just disappeared. What else has disappeared is my drive to do anything about my physical funk.

I did have a great time off though. Cute Boy and I had a couple parties to attend, family to visit and lounging around to do. He had deck to build and I had a Farm to build on Facebook. I watched a few movies in the afternoons and had mini naps after and during those movies. It was heaven.

Life is back to normal now, in the sense that I'm back to work. Second day back on the job and already, I have bags under my eyes and I'm drained and exhausted.

I'm at work as I type this, so I'd best get some work done while it's still quiet enough for me to think and enjoy my Starbucks I brought in to work as a comfort for having to go to work. That works right??

Have a great one!

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