Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Tough Call

Things in my life are what they are, as they always are.

I've finally made a phone call for an appointment for some kind of counselling. I have an Employee Assistance Program for various types of counselling through my work. I figured it's a service that is offered and I might as well use of resources available to me.

I called for an appointment about a month or so ago. I was never able to connect to the counsellor since I'd only given my cel phone as a contact. I let things slide for the time being, but life being what it is I've made another attempt at setting up an appointment.

I'm expecting a call from the counsellor in the next couple days. I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait for an appointment. Hopefully not long.

My head is a mess. I'm an emotional basket case, so much so, that I think I'm depressed again. I've been depressed a couple times in the past, so I'm very aware of the signs. I cry at the drop of a hat - numerous times per day. My head races with thoughts of all sorts. I'm not sleeping all that well. The only oddity is I still have an appetite. Of course I still have an appetite! GRRRRR!!! My previous experiences with depression have seen these symptoms as my indicators of a slippery slope for me. I hope it's not depression because I hate that feeling. Been there done that before.

I will keep doing what I'm doing for now and hope for the best that I'm not too long in getting in to talk to someone.


Have a great day!

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