Friday, July 10, 2009

WI, Updates and Life Ohhh My

WI this morning saw me down the .8lbs I gained last week. 136.6lbs again! AUGHHHHH

I will get this mess of my weight figured out one of these days.

I know a lot of my issues stem from the beer I consume. I don't drink a lot in the too much drinking way, but a beer here and a beer there that I know it's standing the way of my reaching some of my goals.

I will focus on healthy choices rather than just a number, as much as I'm a very number geared person.

I'm holidays in a few short hours! I can't wait. This will be my first week of paid holidays since I've been full time. I've taken the odd day here and there, but nothing ever this long. There isn't much planned for mine and Cute Boy's time off and I'm okay with that.

We have discussed a day trip to the States and a day trip to Cornwall to visit his sister.

I really want to do nothing more than sit on the deck with a cold drink and a book.

Tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn Cute Boy and I are going to be on the golf course. We have a golf tournament for Cute Boy's hockey team. It will, as always, be a great time. I get to golf with Cute Boy this year rather than with some of the other wives. That is always fun to be with him.

This is the only part of the holidays that are a concern to me... Saturday night we have a mid season ball party. That is going to be an awesome time! It always is. I'm not a big fan of playing ball anymore, but I keep playing because I love the people and the socializing aspect of the sport. We have a very fun team this year. We're not at all talented, but we do know how to have a good time.

I will be starting my second day of holidays severely hung over, I'm sure. It will be a good time and that is what holidays are all about, right? Not going to be good for the upcoming weight in, but I want to live and have fun too. All about balance, right!

Princess has gone to her dad's for 2 weeks or so. It is going to be good for her to be out of town for a bit. I hate like hell every time she goes there, but I hope every time she does go that she learns something and appreciates the life I provide for her. I hope she sees the differences in our lives and that I do the best I can to surround her with positive influences and opportunities.

I think her lesson learning moments are still a long time coming. Right now her dad's place is an place to run, where mine is a place of responsibility.

Have a great healthy happy day!

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