Sunday, August 02, 2009

Good-bye Grandpa and Thank You, Too

Of sadness comes love, happiness, tears, joy, support and an overall sense of peace.

The last couple days have been some of the more difficult I've lived in recent memory. The passing of Grandpa Gilpin has been long expected, but in no way does that ever prepare your heart for the sadness to be experienced.

Yesterday, Princess asked if it would be wrong to take a picture in our funeral outfits. Absolutely not! Grandpa Gilpin, the man that he was, would have been so proud to see the beautiful young woman that stands before you, in this picture. Okay, minus the crap on her face. That was one of the things always said as soon as a girl wearing make-up walked in the front door, "What's that crap on your face?". It was a standard reaction, so much so that it was even said through his eulogy.

I truly am blessed with the love of some amazing people and specifically, my in-laws. Married to their son or not, they treat me in a way that shows me the good in life. It started with Grandpa Gilpin I guess. He raised an amazing family, one I am blessed to be a part of even after the demise of my own marriage.

Grandpa was an avid bird man. Actually, truth be told, if it involved the outdoors, animals, his family and friends, Grandpa was the man. I know I'll not do justice to the what I'm trying to say, but the graveside service showed the releasing of a single white homing pigeon. It landed on the tombstone. It didn't want to fly at first and then took off in flight. Moments later a group of homing pigeons were released, they soared high and so graceful, off on their journey together. It was the perfect send off for an incredible man.

You see, it's like this. Without Grandpa, (and his wife, my daughter's namesake) there would be no Mother-In-Law, nor her son, nor my daughter's with her son. It is a wonderful gift given by a wonderful man. It is with honour and a joy I try to remember a beautiful human being that the world has lost in the physical sense, but will live on in our hearts and our memories forever. In a very large way, I thank you for who you were and how you touched my life. I didn't see you a lot, especially after the end of my marriage, but I truly believe you understood how I felt in that.

Rest In Peace, Grandpa.

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