Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finding The Balance

I've been back to the gym twice since my 'recommit'. I couldn't be happier with how I feel already. It's wonderful. I'm thankful for the opportunity to figure this body of mine out and transform it once again to something that brings me great joy and pride.

This finding balance is a new thing for me. I've been told by another person, I'm all or nothing. It really hit home with me, so I'm trying to work through that and be okay with taking time for things in life that don't all revolve around the gym. Putting myself to the test already. I wanted to go to the gym this morning before work, but Cute Boy had plans for us to do some running around. It's nothing that he couldn't have done without me, but instead I just sucked it up and went along. I didn't go to the gym today and I'm okay.

I have extra incentive to hit the gym now. Very good friends are getting married soon and I want to make sure I look the best I can in the little time I have to prepare. I know, I'm vain. Being that the wedding is in June I'll be wearing a sleeveless something, so I have to work the arms and shoulders, not to mention the cardio so the dress or outfit will flow and not bulge. I'm so excited. I love weddings. I always cry!

I'm not having the best of days. Actually, I'm having an absolute terrible day. Princess made an off handed offensive comment this morning that broke my heart. This, after Cute Boy and I had a snippy comment throwing conversation that annoyed me to no end. I know part and parcel the issues stem from the fact that I'm PMS'g. Period is due in about 6 days and that just puts me off my game. I would be annoyed or upset by the comments made by both Cute Boy and Princess regardless, but this time of month just makes all the more difficult for me to deal with.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow. Gym time for me is a major stress reliever and it hasn't taken me long to have that realization hit home and hit home hard.

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