Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Framed Love

The picture comes no where near to doing this piece justice. I corrected the colours on the pic and it has the frame looking the same colour as my bedding, which so not the way the frame looks. It is something that should be seen to be truly appreciated. I'm open for showings and visits whenever you're able.

It is gorgeous though. I can't believe I've finally finished it in it's entirety. Stitched, framed and soon to-be hung. Cute Boy will have to make himself available to me so I can get this on the wall sooner rather than later.

I'm going to hang it on the wall that faces the bottom of the bed. There is a spot right between the door to the en suite bathroom and walk-in closet that this fits perfectly. There is a 3 piece collection of candles on wrought iron stands that are right below where this will hang. When it is on the wall I will take another pic and share.

Thanks for all the encouragement over the year that I stitched this piece and your patience while I doddled in getting it framed.

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