Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby's Got Back

Hit the gym today and was not feeling. I didn't up the best numbers and in the past this would have so annoyed me. Today was different. I was there and I attempted to get it done.

Warm Up Cardio
18 min

Weight Training

Seated Row
60lbs x 8 reps
55lbs x 10 reps
45lbs x 10 reps
First set- sloppy way too much weight
2nd set - still brutal. I've lost a lot in back strength. Kept the motion clean. Took precaution not to rock. Slow controlled . Not a good feeling here today at all.

Wide Grip Pulldown
60lbs x 10 reps
55lbs x 12 reps
45lbs x 12 reps
Not a favorite exercise of mine which must mean something right?! Have to work it!

Chin Bar
17.5kg x 12 reps -- too lazy to convert
22.5kg x 12 reps
27.5kg x 10 reps
The last set, half way was brutal.

Shoulder Shrugs
17.5lbs x 15 reps
15lbs x 12 reps
10lbs x 12 reps
Hmph! Too little weight I think.

Shoulder Press
30lbs x 15 reps
35lbs x 12 reps
40lbs x 10 reps
Love it! Love it! Love it! This is one of my favorite exercises. I could have done more weight here, but even with a machine I wasn't comfortable without a spotter.

Post Work Out Cardio
10 min.

I know I should have logged more time, but the day was getting away from me. I was really looking forward to spending time with Princess so that was a big factor in my head game too.

I think in future I'm going to split my back and shoulder work out up. I love working shoulders and detest back. I want to rock out the shoulders. I could have easily worked 5-6 shoulder exercises and was struggling with 2 back exercises. It's all about learning what works, right.

I'm so happy to be back. No pun intended. I don't know that my house is overly impressed, if a house were to have feelings. I've been negligent in the cleaning of it. I'll find the balance eventually.

Happy day to you.

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