Monday, March 23, 2009

Well Well Well

I hit the gym again this morning before coming to work. All things considered I didn't do too bad with forgetting vs. remembering things that I need to get in a work out and then get ready for work. The only thing I forgot is a towel. I had to use my body wrap type thingy to dry off. Krista, you know the thing I'm talking about. It's not the best towel ever, although better than nothing.

Cardio Warm Up
18 minutes
Thoughts - I took it to the height of 5.6 in speed. That would be the highest in my return. It was very cool

Weight Training
Arm Extensions
25lbs x 15 reps
25lbs x 13 reps
30lbs x 8 reps

Rope Pulldowns
30lbs x 12 reps
35lbs x 10 reps
40lbs x 8 reps

Single Arm Curls
10lbs x 10 reps
10lbs x 8 reps
10lbs x 5 reps

Straight Bar Curls
40lbs x 13 reps
35lbs x 12 reps
30lbs x 10 reps

Thoughts - I walked up to the weight room and had a bit of a panic moment. I was like a fish out of water. I, for a split second, contemplating going back to my locker and just going back down to the bank of cardio machines. I got annoyed with the flight pattern of not working out, so I said, "To hell with it and get it done". It wasn't the most effective work out and I prefer to do 3 different exercises, 3 sets each exercise. I just couldn't come up with anything else. It will eventually come together in my head and body. I know it will. I need to trust the process.

Post Weight Train Cardio
26 minutes
Thoughts - This one I just plugged along and didn't push too hard. I was about to shut down my work out early when I caught the bug from the girl on the treadmill beside me. She was a little work horse, so I used her as my push to work through until the end of my work out. I know I've been the inspiration to others in the past and now I used another in the same way. It was great.

Funny thing is, my arms were killing me from the weight training before my final run. I could really feel the muscle fatigue when I was pumping my arms while running. It was making me laugh a little bit. Truth be told though, it hurt like hell.

I'm now at work until about 10pm and I'm going to enjoy the break, the physical break anyway. The mental stress of this job is whole other story for another time!

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