Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lunch With Little One

I've been running all day. I'm exhausted and am looking quite forward to a little nap as soon as I hit 'post'.

I was up early to take Cute Boy to the bus which will take him to his hockey tournament in Alexandria Bay. After that job was done, I was off to the gym (will update later), then hurried home to spend the day with Princess.

Our first stop was the beauty salon where she tanned (I know bad - really bad) and I got my eyebrows done. Bleh before, beautiful after. By this time, we were both starving. Princess hadn't eaten breakfast and I'd not refuelled from my work out. We were going to hit up Starbucks, but that just didn't hold the appeal - GASP!

There is restaurant that I've wanted to try for quite some time and keep forgetting about it when out for lunch with Princess. Until today that is!
Lotus-Heart-Blossoms is a vegetarian restaurant here in town. I was so excited to finally remember that I wanted to try it with Princess. I wasn't sure how much the menu items would run me, but it was reasonably priced. Total bill was $20.34. Now, neither one of us got a drink (other than water), so that saved money. It was awesome food with incredibly friendly service.

Princess was too cute. She's looking around the restaurant with the most beautiful smile on her face. Her comment is, "All these people could be vegetarians like me". I know she struggles with feeling as though she fits in with her food choices and to see her so excited was good to see. The ambiance of the restaurant is clean and fresh feeling. Princess felt like she belonged. It was a well spent $20.00.

Here is what I ordered and I'm telling you, it was amazing. I'm still full and it's been hours since we ate.

Barbequed Tofu Rice Bowl
Tofu seared in a mouth-watering barbeque sauce served with stir-fried Asian veggies, jasmine rice & toasted sesame seeds.

I can't find a pic of what Princess ordered, sorry. Her meal was:

Chicken A La King
A pastry shell filled with a delicately flavored, creamy vegetarian chicken & fresh vegetable mixture, served with a blend of whole grain & wild rice, and our Lotus-Heart-Blossoms Salad.
Princess and I will definitely be heading there again to try a different dish and I'm looking forward to our next dish choice.

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