Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I'm glad that is over - my chest infection that is. After feeling like crap for a week, I finally broke down and went to the doctor's last Wednesday. I was at work and not feeling any better, so I 'cheated' and went down to Emerg. Went back to work until the emerg doc was ready to see me (and still laid in emerg for 1.5 hours). After seeing the doctor and getting a prescription, I headed back up to work to finish off my shift.

The prescribed medicine worked well and is still in my system for another couple days yet. My only concern was the side affects. Of course, of the one I most didn't want to suffer I did and that kept me home from work Thursday and Friday. I've been such a bad employee lately. I didn't call in sick for work in 9 years, and now, in the last 6 months, I've missed 6 days of sick time! Nasty. I'm working towards a new personal record now, 9+ years again without a sick day. I'm on 2 day of my quest.

All other things in my life are just plugging along. I'm not doing anything physical to better my body, but my eating is much much better. My struggle is getting physical and then meshing the 2 worlds, food and physical activity.

Oh, on another front. I finally got around to filling my sleeping pill prescription. I've had it in my possession for quite some time, but didn't feel I needed it so didn't fill it. The reason I felt I didn't need it was because Cute Boy and I switched sides of the bed when we moved in to the new house and I'm back on 'my' side of the bed. He seems to be able to sleep well no matter what side he's on, and snores a lot less on his 'off' side of the bed. So, my being back on my side and him being on the other is a win win. He snores less and I sleep better being on my natural side of the bed - until lately. The last few days I've really struggled with my sleeping. I used half a sleeping pill last night and for the most part, slept like a baby. I was a little sluggish getting out of bed this morning, but I knew I would be. I didn't get enough sleep and optimum use of even half a pill is 7.5-8 hours per night and I never get that much.

Don't have much else to prattle on about, but didn't want to be too much longer with touching base for fear you'd all think the world swallowed me whole. I'm still here.

Happy days to you all!

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