Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Night Freak Show

Today is weigh in day. Not for me. I'm not feeling it today. I chose not to torture myself this morning. I ALWAYS weigh in, but not today. I'm going to restart my WW plan (as I do every Friday). I've got my water in already and my food choices so far have been good. Could have done without the chai tea latte points and moneywise. What the hell. It made me smile. Good enough reason as any to splurge.

I'm home from work and that is amazing why? It is because I'm home early. I work some of the most amazing women ever and I was sent home early to get a jump on my weekend. I'm home with the dog and only the dog. Cute Boy and Princess are at work. I have to pick Princess up at midnight, so from here on out these are my plans for the rest of the evening:

  • Weight train and elliptical (already in my work out clothes)
  • Make turkey sausages and grilled mushrooms for dinner
  • Mix a Raspberry Rum with Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light
  • Water the grass if it doesn't rain first -- we have grass finally! It's pur-dy!
  • Read my book - lovin' it.
  • Watch last night's Grey's episode

I think that is it for tonight.

I want to say I have nothing planned for the weekend. I don't. I just don't know about Cute Boy and what he may have planned. We've been opposite shifts this week, so our communication has been about day to day things, done via e-mail. How did relationships survive before the invention of computers and e-mail?

Cute Boy is off until Tuesday and so am I. I'm don't care what we do, just doing it together is going to be the best part of this week. It has been a long one and I'm looking forward to some me/us time.

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