Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sugar Daddy - Lisa Kleypas

Liberty Jones fell in love with Hardy Cates when she was fourteen and three quarters and he was seventeen. However, Hardy wasn't going to let even love stand in the way of his ambition to escape the poverty of his childhood. He had left town - and Liberty broken hearted. But Liberty is also a survivor - and determined to make a better life for herself and her baby sister. Moving to the big city, she finds a job and an unlikely friend in billionaire tycoon Churchill Travis. But though Churchill's son is convinced she's nothing but a gold digger looking for a Sugar Daddy, their relationship goes deeper than most people think. But just as Liberty and her sister begin to feel settled in their new life, Hardy comes back into their lives...

Book #15 - I didn't read the cover, which I very seldom do anymore. This one was no exception and was I ever surprised. I expected this book to be all harlequin-y romance-ish and it wasn't at all. It was a little bit lovey, but not over the top. I really enjoyed this book. Really. I have the next on reserve at the library. I have to hit the library after work tomorrow to get it.

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