Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look What Moved In

Check out this bad boy! Cute Boy and I just bought this on the weekend. I'm soooo excited. The area you see around the treadmill is in the works, down the road, to becoming a home work out gym. Time is at a premium right now with all things Cute Boy has on the go, so until he has time this is what it looks like. I worry not, the time will come that we are rocking out the home gym.

Cute Boy and a couple friends picked it up on Sunday afternoon. I was told if we ever sell the house the treadmill comes with. It is incredibly heavy. I didn't help with the moving of my new love, so I can't say either way how heavy it is or not. Just kidding. I know it's heavy since I moved it about 6 feet and I had to kitty cat step it in place to where it sits now. I think the boys were being wimps though since there was 3 of them and just little ol' me. MWAH!

I got home from work yesterday and within minutes I was in my work out clothes and pushing this beast to the closest outlet to get my first mini run underway. I logged a 3K run in 25 minutes. I didn't push any pace, just got the feel of the machine, which is incredible by the way. It felt incredible and in turn I felt even better.

I know I'm more of a treadmill runner than I street runner, so to have access 24/7 to this is like a dream come true for me. I can now get to the business of shedding my winter coat just in time for another winter. LOL.

I hope ya'll don't get bored with my walking/running distance updates because there is going to be a lot of them.

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