Friday, May 08, 2009


I've been sick the last couple days. I've been home from work and been in bed doing absolutely nothing other driving Princess to work if Cute Boy is unable. Wednesday and Thursday both, I slept for about 18-20 hours each day. It was insane. I'm on the mend now. I'm really not, but I'm not staying home another day.

I don't do sick well. I do needier even better - not! I want to live. I want to go to the gym. I want to move. I want to laugh. I want to feel something other than shitty.

In the last year I've been sick 4x. That is not like me. In the last year, I've been more overweight than not. I move less than ever. I've been eating worse than I've ever eaten in my life - ever! Even when I was at my highest weight. Do you see a correlation between the 2? I do.

My goal tonight while at work and things are quiet, I'm going to search for vitamins and food combinations that can boost my immune system AND look at the house schedule that will allow me to get back to the gym. 3 days a week will work for me right now.

Here's to feeling better in between the headaches, light headedness, nose blowing and sleep marathons, sore throats and runny watery eyes.

I'm off to get myself a coffee, a glass of water and a vitamin C.

Have a great day!

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