Thursday, May 28, 2009

Job Hunt Begins

I've been talking and talking and talking about the need for a second job. I really do need to get serious about this new and not so exciting chapter in my life. There are a few people that question my ability to do this 2 job thing as well as those that think it's unnecessary. It is going to be difficult, I'll give you that. I need to look at it as a 1.5 - 2 year situation. It's not forever. It will only feel that way for about 1.5 - 2 years.

The length of time I have to work 2 jobs is dependent upon the type of job I get and of course, the amount of hours offered and my availability for those hours. I will have to be conscientious of my spending and the cost of things, obviously to get out of debt, if I'm ever going to be successful. There will be times that I'm spending money on cabs for Princess to get back and forth to work, but that will not be all the time.

So far, I've applied at the following:

  • No Frills (grocery store)
  • LCBO (liquor store)
  • Walmart (will drop resume off tomorrow)
  • PetSmart (have to attach resume from work tomorrow)

I will be stopping by Costco tomorrow on my way home from work. So, as of tomorrow I will have 5 resumes in circulation.

The best case scenario for pay would be Costco and LCBO. The other jobs are not the best paying jobs, although right now they would bring money in and bring down the debt and give me some breathing room. For fun, I would love PetSmart.

I shouldn't be putting cart in front of horse, but the allotment of monies would be as much to debt as I can while trying to contribute around the house more than I'm able right now. I feel bad that money is so tight for me that I can't contribute much. I hate the guilty feeling all the time. My guilt and no one else's.

Being an adult and an adult that played more than paid sucks big time! I'm paying now though. :)

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