Monday, May 04, 2009

Hard Labour

This is my efforts of pulling rocks on Sunday afternoon. I got out in the backyard with the shovel, the wheelbarrow, my work gloves while wearing my snappy brown and pink rubber boots. I was looking cute - NOT!

What you see here is about 10-12 wheelbarrow loads. Now keep in mind the wheelbarrow was never extremely full because I would have lost it in the transporting from point A to point B. This work is being done in the efforts of getting the backyard ready for a deck and pool.

It felt great to be in the yard, in the sun and working up a sweat. My hamstrings are singing a different tune this morning, but that's okay. I thought for sure I was going to be folded up like an accordian and I'm proud to report, I'm not. I think the baseball game I played last night helped alleviate some stiffness.

I'm not sure when my schedule will allow for me to get back out there. Soon, I hope though. There are still many to be pulled. Some I will be able to do on my own, and some I'll need help with. I'm open for offers.

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