Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Guess What This Is?

What is it you ask?

I'll tell you!

Jeans - 17
Capris - 8 (est. b/c some are still packed away)
Sporty - 7 (est b/c some are still packed away)
Casual - 6
Cords - 6
Dress - 3

Each number represents a pair of pants in the indicated category! Do you know how many of them still fit? Probably 8 pair, if that! That is not including the sporty pants because they are more forgiving, of course.

I've about had it. I used to be able to wear every single pair pants in that pile and now I can't even wear 1/3 of them. That is disgusting. That pile of pants is representative of so many things.

1. Financial independence
2. Financial stupidy
3. Bargain shopping - Paid full price for only one pair of pants in that pile.
4. Many hours pumping iron and running my ass off - literally
5. Separation/Divorce and poor eating on account
6. Happiness
7. Dates with Cute Boy
8. Laughter and bonding with girlfriends

Now, what the majority of that pile represents to me is: FAILURE! I've failed at maintaining my healthy weight range and my ability to stay lean. I know I'm vain. I can hear some now.

Can you imagine what Cute Boy would say if he knew I moved all those pants with me to this dinky condo and barely any of them fit me? He'd have my hide! LOL

I'm really not in as much of a blah mood as my last couple posts might indicate. Just taking stock of where I was, where I am and what I should be doing about it!

That's a lot of pants, eh. Keep in mind when I was in my marriage I might have had 5 pair of pants in total and then the weight loss began then the emotional turmoil of a marriage ending. Let me tell, as upset as I was then, I had a hell of a time shopping! The Gap, Old Navy and American Eagle, they loved me!

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