Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flooring Fun


Mercier Pro Hardwood Flooring - Medium Brown

Slate Greige

The above pictures would be representative of the flooring Cute Boy and I chose for our house. The Medium Brown is hardwood and the other 2 flooring choices are a DuraCeramic. The look and texture of ceramic without the high maintenance and cold hard texture.

The medium brown hardwood flooring is what is going to be used through the majority of the house. It is a lot darker than I had in mind, as much as I tried to keep an open mind about colours prior to seeing our choices. It was 2 hours in the flooring shop that brought us to these decisions. Earlier today I was really on the fence still about the darkness of the floor, but the more I look it the more I'm loving it.

The chocolate flooring is what is being used in the front entrance and in the kitchen. We have yet to make a decision on the cabinet colours, but it looks right now as though we are leaning towards a lighter shade with a bit of stressing to it.

Slate Greige shown is the colour being used in all the bathrooms. I really like this colour because it is something that will hide any hairs on the floor that shall fall from my head. Those that know me well, know how creeped out I am by hair.

In closing, I will say this. The colour depiction is closest to form in the hardwood and close with the others, but not bang on.

Whaddya think so far?

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