Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wildflower Rhapsody - 50 hours

Imagine a blog dedicated to stitching and there is finally a picture and a picture pertaining to stitching no less.

I didn't realize I was so close to a another 5 hour block or I would have worked harder at finding some stitching time to get the opportunity to share another picture with you all.

I'm really enjoying this piece and that is somewhat of a miracle with all the colour changes. I think my love has more to do with the lack of stitching time than anything else. It's not a job right now, but an escape, an opportunity to do something just for me and something I really have to struggle to find the time.

I hope not to be so long with another update. We know the road being paved with good intentions and all that jazz. I bet it's another couple weeks anyway! How sad is that?

Thanks for looking, my wonderful cheerleader friends.

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