Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bring On The Cold

Okay, not really. I'm not that crazy!

This would be the most beautiful scarf ever made. Little Miss Princess bought this for me for my birthday. It was crazy expensive, not because it is made of any special fabric, but because it was bought at Le Chateau. I love their clothing and accessories, but it is so expensive.

I think it will look just darling with my new coat and my old coat from last year. I've become quite the coat collector it seems. If money were not a factor, I could have bought another 3 or 4 coats yesterday alone.

Princess also bought me a white blouse for a great price. I will wear it next week when I'm working days and it matters how I look in the office. This week I'm 6p-2a, and I'm wearing track pant type things and Yankee hats. Some days I love my job!

I love love love my new scarf!

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