Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stitching Bling

I'm so honoured to be the recipient of a Scissor Fob, (stitching bling) from Cathey. It is just the most beautiful little Angel scissor fob. I love simplicity of the clear beads. I've not attached it yet to my scissor because I want to buy a new pair. I'm such a sucker for shopping!

Cathey, you are too sweet to send me something. Your card and words mean a lot to me.

You truly are one of the most thought of women in my life. The funny thing is, someone reading this blog from an outsiders perspective would have no idea that we've never met. Another point to ponder is, you and many others that read this blog probably know me better than those I'm related to or see on a more regular basis. I'm truly blessed with friends such as yourself in my life even if it is only through the words expressed on this old computer screen.

Thank you, sweetie!

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