Thursday, September 25, 2008

Me Quirky?

Quirky Things About Me

THE RULES - which I never follow!

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1. I have a wicked hair phobia. I hate hair once removed from the head. If a hair touches me I'm freaking out until I can find it and remove it. I'm all heebie jeebie about it. If you can picture that, intensify it 10x with a wet hair. OMG

2. When I'm shopping and I'm buying something with a scent, I have to squeeze it and smell, even if it is a candle with plastic wrap.

3. I use this hand gesture along with raising my shoulders to indicate a hug to visually explain a feeling of comfort, love or something that makes me happy. (This one is hard to explain, but if you're ever with me you'll see me do it.)

4. I think I would have loved to be a mother/wife in a simpler time (June Cleaver).

5. I'm anal retentive about most things in my life ( I know you hate the word 'anal', V).

6. Panties are optional!

I'm not tagging because V took all my tags!

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