Monday, May 05, 2008

Starbuck Cup - Moving Message

Madeleine K. Albright

There are numerous cup messages that I get that don't do a thing for me. They don't make me think about a single thing and at times, once I've read them I never think of them again. The cup message is as fun for me as the joy of that first sip of liquid heaven - non-fat chai tea latte.

This message ranks up there in my top 4. There are 3 others I get that really move me. When I get them again, I will share with you. One has to do with running/walking and the other 2 pertain to being loved, how you're loved and kissing your children is the finally message that made me stop and ponder for a moment.

The last time I got this particular message, I was with Velda. It was the night we went to make the return at Home Depot. It was fitting because here was a situation where one incredible woman was helping another. Not meaning I'm an incredible woman (I'm not fishing for compliments), but referring to Velda as the incredible woman! To end a fun night with a trip to Starbucks and with such a fitting cup message was perfect. I would have posted the pic then, but I totally forgot and pitched the cup. My bad.

I've been in a place where I wouldn't have made it through without the support of of incredible woman that I can call friends. It wasn't even that they were friends that they helped me. I remember this woman saleslady at the Brick that sold me my new bed, after my separation. I was still emotionally raw and when we were talking about whether or not I was going to buy this new bed, she asked me why I needed/wanted it. I told her, in my emotionally overwrought state, I cried, of course. It was then that I knew I needed a new bed, to assuage the demons of a married bed with a cheating history (not in my own bed, but outside of it), that I knew it was time. That woman was one of the women that help another woman need. No special place in hell for her, but a wonderful place in the history of me getting from there to here. Pam was along for the purchase of the new bed which was just what I needed, another woman that got me from that time to this better time.

The list of those that helped me is long and plenty. You all know who you are and you all know how you helped in your own little, or not so little way.

There is a very special person in my life that is going through a tough time. She is sadly being hurt in a friendship with another woman. It is painful to watch one hurt and know there isn't much you can do, but listen and be there. I hope I do the message justice in the sense that I can now be the woman that helps another woman. It has been proven you can make a difference, even if at the time you don't know your impact in that person's life.

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