Monday, May 19, 2008

Enchanted Fairy - 20 hours

Another blob of pastel stitches. This time I'm displaying my most recent update of Enchanted Fairy. She is coming along nice enough, but with not a lot of time committed to her, there isn't much to show.

I am going to choose another focus piece now that Job's Tears is complete, but rotate through my other pieces a little more consistently than I have of late. It seems as though I love every piece once I work on it and that is the case with this piece, as with Bubbles.

I started this piece for a reason and I now remember why. The colours are so soft and it moves relatively quick. It feels in some ways, as though I'm stitching on Middy again which I loved working on at the time.

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Happy stitching days to you.

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