Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My KGH Tree

This is the view from my front door. It brings a smile to my face every time I catch a glimpse of this tree. It is so gorgeous and still not in full bloom. I had always wanted a Flowering Crab and I finally got one. Sadly though, what usually happens is it hits full bloom and looks gorgeous for about 4 days and then a nasty rain wind storm comes along and blows all the blooms away. For those few days, I'm in love!

This tree is fondly known as my KGH tree. It was bought for me in celebration of my new job at KGH, 9 years ago. I wish I had a picture of it from when it was a baby.

Of all the things I'm going to miss when I move from this house, it is the plants in the yard. I was out cutting the grass last night and it dawned on my this will probably be the last spring that I see all these beautiful trees and shrubs in bloom. As excited as I am for this new chapter in my life I'm going to miss these special touches, all planted by me, that I'm leaving behind.

I didn't intend this post to be sad, but now when I think of it further, I have a snowball bush in the front corner, planted in memory of my grandfather that passed 4 years ago. That will be the most difficult one to leave behind. I'll have to convince Cute Boy to plant another one at our new house, I guess. Wish me luck with that one!

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