Saturday, May 24, 2008

WHOA Wildflower Rhapsody - 10 hours

This is my first 10 hour block. I'm loving this piece and was sad to see the emergence of 10 hours so quickly. I'm sad to have to put it down, so I'm not. I took it off the clamps to take a pic and it is going back on in short order.

Is it just me or does it not seem as though that is a lot of work for only 10 hours? Could be that I didn't get too involved with the flowers and trust when I say they will be slow going once I do focus on them.

I'm off to cuddle in with my stitching and watch the hockey game since my plans for this evening are rudely interrupted with me not feeling well at the moment. I had my cry over not feeling well, I know I'm a wimp, but I hate feeling sick especially when I've made plans, and plans with Krista no less. Off to lick my wounds with my tea, my blanket and stitching.

Hope to be feeling better soon.

Happy stitching days to you!

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