Sunday, May 11, 2008

Silly Saturday Night Snacks

Krista and I had the opportunity to hang out on Saturday night. It was just what was needed by both of us. We spend time together a lot, between running and ball. There isn't a lot of time when we are just hanging out at home with wine and snacks and nothing more pressing than who is going to each which 100 calorie snack.

The weather was wonderful in the early evening, so we found ourselves out on the deck sipping our special drinks. I was able to finally indulge in a little wine - wonderful wine too. The freedom of all things troublesome was a gift that money couldn't buy.

We kept the snacks and the convo light. We munched on baked pita minis, with tziaztki and a bruschetta mix. Yummy Actually, I don't like the word 'yummy' - its sounds disgusting, but yummy is the best fit for what we ate. The freedom to eat and not be all freaked out about points and the food guilts after eating was much appreciated. I'm always extremely impressed with Krista's food preparation! You rock, girl!

Don't they look like the most scrumptious snack ever?

As with all things good, the night went way too fast, but was filled wonderful company and great conversation. This type of night is just what I needed and one that shows the special gift of friendship!

We will really have to do this again and soon!

Love you!

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