Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Survived It

I'm proud to report I survived yesterday. It wasn't near as bad as I expected, working on 4.5 hours sleep. I've done it in the past numerous times, but for some reason this one was freaking me out.

I got home from work after stopping at the grocery store and the library. The plan was to do a simple dinner, but Princess had already eaten - GRRRRR.

I stood in the kitchen for 2 hours and made the following
~ roasted an acorn squash
~ made hummus
~ chopped vegetables for snacking on through the week
~ made a flakes of ham wrap for my lunch today (wanted tuna, but grabbed the wrong can)

By the time I was finished all that, it was too late eat anything heavy, so I mowed down an apple sprinkled with cinnamon and WW toast with peanut butter. Dinner of the rich and fabulous!

I had every intention of stitching last night. I just couldn't find the energy so I hit my bed about 8:30 and read until 9pm. It was lights out and I only woke up twice in the night, once at 11p and then again at 4am. Pretty bad that in order to get a decent night's sleep I have to run on 4.5 hours prior to - sick!

The alarm went off around 5am, and off to the street I head for a 6K. I ran with Gimp Girl A.K.A. Krista, this morning. Poor little pumpkin has a bad hip right now. I keep telling her to take it easy and slow down, but she is more driven than I am when it comes to pushing herself. I walked when she wanted (wooho for walking) and then ran when she felt up to it. I know she's going to see a doctor today, so send out some 'feel better' vibes her way, if you would be so kind.

I'm all ready for work and don't have to leave for another half hour, so I'm off to read while I leisurely sip on a tea. I wish I had this kind of time every morning. I guess 5am wake up times will do that for ya.

I have a hellish day at work today! I'm participating this the code calling exercise and it is not very clearly defined for me to follow. It promises to be uber stressful, so any time around 2pm eastern time, think of me!?

I also have a ball game tonight, but don't know if the weather will hold out or not. I'm good either way... not playing is okay with me. Playing is good too, since after ball Todd and I head back to Kurt and Krista's for a beer and wings. It's really about the friends and food, not so much the ball.

Happy stitching days to you that are able to put needle to thread. I'm jealous.

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