Friday, May 23, 2008

Chattering, Prattling and Randomness

Nothing much new going on around here, just feeling a little chatty. I thought, if I'm feeling chatty why not torture my regular readers with my rambling. Thanks my loverlies!

I have seen this way of posting on a couple of blogs and I think it's a neat way to read, so in my originality, I'm stealing it! LOL

1. My WI this morning - 129 AGAIN! Come on already. I think I'm just a natural 129. I'm trying to work my way around to being okay with this number, but truth be told - I hate it. Now, please don't go off on me, okay. I know it's not a bad number, but for me it's a bigger number than I like. I don't feel good at this number, I don't feel I look good at this number. I'm more comfortable at 125-123. Any lower than that people tell me I look sick. I disagree, but that is just me. For those of you that don't know me in the physical sense - I'm only 5' 2" (I think my doctor's on crack) because I think I'm really only 5'. I have a small frame (uncomfortable saying this). I don't have a lot of places to hide extra weight. If all the extra weight went to my boobs I'd be in my glory, but sadly it's right on my waist, hips and thighs! Blah!

2. Cute Boy and I have put an extension in on the lot for the house. The closing date was May 30th, but since Cute Boy's house has yet to sell we've had to submit and extension. Cute Boy is having an open house in 2 weeks. Should be fun! If he will allow me to work my magic, ya right, I can totally transform his home. I'll let you know how my power of persuasion works. Bat my blue eyes and smile cute. Maybe. I don't really think so though!

3. My running is slowing down right now. I have bum heel. I had a super bad blister that is gone, but the skin is peeling away and the heel has cracked. Gross, eh! It is my own fault for buying a running shoe that is 1/2 a size too small. I tell ya, I get by because I'm cute never because I'm overly smart.

4. I only have 2 more weekend days to work and I have weekends off for the summer! Sweet sweet sweet. I'm hoping to make the most of my weekends without running myself to the ground - good luck!

5. Said weekends off will give me little to no stitching time. I'll deal, but I will miss my stitching oh so much!

6. The biggest note of all..... I'm in the most amazing place mentally. I love my life as of late. I'm not feeling stressed about things. I'm excited about this new chapter. I really wish T's house would sell so we could start this journey forward together. It is going to be a challenge, but something I'm really looking forward to doing with him and Lily.

7. Now for Princess. I have a hard time posting about her, since things with her sister are so difficult. I always struggle with being impartial and not choosing sides or looking as though I have a favorite. Princess is just the one I spend most of my time with lately. She is just the coolest kid. I'm so impressed by most things about her. She is very much like me.... a perfectionist - sorry kid. She is funny, okay, not so much like me. She and I get along so well. Driving in the car with her listening to music, singing along, is one of my most special times of any day!

I think that is all the prattling I'll burden you with. I'm off to finish my tea and get the laundry on the clothes line.

Hopefully I'll be back by Monday sometime with an update of Wildflower Rhapsody.

Love ya's!

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