Monday, May 19, 2008

Wild Flower and Wild Stitching Shake Up

The time has come once again when I'm going to fine tune my rotation.

I've been talking with Pam again about some of my obligation stitching - another retirement piece for a girl at work. I started this particular piece, Wildflower Rhapsody not too long ago. I say not too long ago, which is probably more like 6-8 months ago. Not years though, so that is a vast improvement over the most recent retirement gift finish.

I'm currently acting in a full time position at work for a girl that is off from shoulder surgery. Along with previously diagnosed ailments, she has just recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Knowing the pain my mother suffered at the hands of this merciless disease and other diseases, I know the road for my co-worker is not going to be an easy one. The job we do, is one that demands full flexibility of shoulder, arms and hands, so to say this job will be a long term challenge is nothing if not an understatement.

I'm getting side tracked. So easy for me to do, I know. I thought I would have more time to plug away at this particular retirement piece, but I now see that may not necessarily be the case. In light of this recent development, I've decided to move Wildflower Rhapsody in to the focus piece slot. I will work on it in 10 hour blocks, with a UFO piece worked 1 hour per week. I'm running out of floss for 2 sections on Halloween Fairy, so I may move another piece to the UFO slot as well. I'm considering Summer Breeze or Enchanted Fairy. The logical choice would and should be Summer Breeze. Still thinking on that one.

You'd think there was some science to how I do what I do. It is my own foolish fault I'm in this particular predicament. If I'd shown some restraint at any time during the past couple years I would not be currently sitting with 10 WIP. 10! That is even after weeding through the list and eliminating pieces for people I no longer want to stitch for, at least not right now anyway.

I'm off to round up the supplies for WR and then head to bed. It has been a long exhausting day. I'm off tomorrow (Tues) so all is good. I have some cleaning and laundry, as well as an 8K run to do. If I can get up and get moving (read stay off the computer), I should hopefully be able to stitch some in the afternoon.

Thanks, as always, for letting me prattle on and figure all this stitching out. I'm sure in the near future I'll be back with an update of some sort.

Happy stitching days to you!

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