Saturday, January 06, 2007

Spirit of Christmas chattering

I finished up the 5 hours I wanted to do on my stocking the other day, so I'm on to Spirit of Christmas today. I was able to log 3 hours 45 minutes today alone and could'nt be more stoked about it! I have another hour and a bit to get to a 10 hour interval and then comes the photos... oh, lucky you.

I've been having computer problems for the last little bit... long story and very annoying. I'll not rehash it here, but I have someone coming to the house tonight to fix the problem (hopefully). I'm getting this year underway in a big way... new car, fixing the computer! Woohoo for me lol Now to get that damn front door fixed and I might actually feel like I've accomplished something.

Nothing much else to update today. Life is in a quiet lull right now. Good bad or otherwise that is where I am for today.

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