Thursday, January 18, 2007

Girls, Giggles and Good Food

This entry is more than a few days late I've been suffering technical difficulties trying to post from home. You want to see frustration fits, you should have been on hand to see these ones. There are people that depend on this as a form of staying up on the what, the where and the why of my life.

Tuesday night was girls night! I got together with Krista and Mary. We tried to get Velda along, but that didn't work out so well. That might have been your only opportunity for the 'cool kid' pass, Dear Velda. You'll never know what you missed.

As always getting together is something to look forward to, and this time was no different. We normally go out to dinner, but in trying to financially trim line we decided to start alternating houses for our get together. This month it was Wee Krista that opened her home to us. Krista made us homemade shake and bake chicken, seasoned potatoes and yummy corn! Mary was in charge of dessert and I took care of the beverages. Translation on the beverage: Corona.

The conversation with us ran the gamut which is nothing new. It was bounced from topic to topic, relationships, kids, family, the holidays, work and one of the funnier points ~ sleeping with the neighbours. Sleeping with the neighbours was all about fighting with the boyfriend and to hell with that I'm not sleeping on the couch, I'm sleeping with the neighbours. I was killing myself laughing soooo hard. It was even funnier to place the mental image of Krista's neighbours they're all of the older generation. Now, I won't even consider my neighbours, from creepy guy a couple doors over... I'll stick with my couch, not that there is anyone to run from my bed or be running from!

I can't wait until our next get together which we're trying to plan for a trip to the states. With my crazy work schedule it will probably have to be a quick trip over one night after the girls get off work. I don't get weekends off as a rule, so this might be the only way to get it done if at all. I'm not sure the good ole U.S. of A are ready for the likes of us.... Maybe on our way home we'll be lucky to catch the eye of one really cute border patrol officer....... awww pitter patter goes my heart. How is it and why is it all things lead back to that cute boy (man)?

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