Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I picked up my new car yesterday and ordered my new plates. It was the best day of all days for the most part!!!!!!

Picking up my car was too cool and so very exciting. I just love this car and the best part is when I got it there were only 9KM on it as opposed to the 223,000 I traded in with the Grand Prix. Driving in my new car is just the smoothest, quietest ride ever and the red colour doesn't hurt much either.

Ordering my personalized plates was an experience. I got the plates I most wanted YNKEEGRL. The woman working the counter was so cute when she was entering my personalized plates. She assumed, as most people do, that I am an American living in Canada. When I told her it was for the New York Yankees she told me I was too cute and must be a real hardcore fan. When I told her about my Yankee tattoo she was even more impressed or maybe she just thought I was crazier than she originally thought. The turnaround time for personalized plates is 4-6 weeks, but since the Christmas rush is over I can hope to expect them in 3-5 weeks.

There are many things for which I can thank you Cute Boy, and the gift of my personalized plates is one of them. The generosity and thoughtfullness of my gift is more than I expected and sooo very much appreciated. Materialistic gifts are great and I appreciate every one given, but know it is the simple things you do that mean more to me than you'll ever know. The greatest gift you've ever given me is the gift of YOU!

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