Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Emotions Of All Kinds

What a day I've had so far. It hasn't been a bad day, but I'm feeling very forlorn. I'm not sure what's up or why I'm feeling so blah. Well, I probably do, but haven't the cajones to out myself would be better stated.

I get like this sometimes and I know it's the way I'm wired, and let me tell ya it drives me crazy! My head races with words that wont come and thoughts I try to rein in but without fail the thoughts win out each and every time. I think I'm best to get back to busy work and keep my mind occupied.... maybe some stitching time would be the best way to chase away the thoughts, the apprehension, fear and forboding.

I look at life with such a sweetness right now and to be having these moments of 'what for' is something I could easily do without. I know these thoughts and feelings will pass, and that is all fine and good, but the issues that are bringing them will remain until I take the figuritive bull by the horns and make some decisions and stand up for what I want and what I know I deserve!!!!

Happiness is fleeting so never let it pass you by!

4:40pm ETA: I'm feeling better. I did keep my body and my mind busy, maybe not busy as I would have really like to do although what I did, take down Christmas decorations, kept me occupied to get over the mini-funk! Thank goodness sometimes for a life that never stops so I'm able to ALWAYS find something to do, as much as I long for quiet time just for me.

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