Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Painting Pink and oh so Pretty

The above picture of Princess' room prior to any work being done. I had just removed the 3 shelves from this wall. It was nasty looking to say the least. I repaired the drywall which was a hassle until I was told of wet mudding/drywalling. It worked so much better and with much less mess than dry sanding.

This the primer we used I'm not sure of the colour name, but at this point in the process I thought it was sooo pretty. The primer had been sitting for quite some time, so it had separated and this was the swirling mix of colour prior to application.

The finished product of primer on the walls. This is the same wall as the first picture. I have to say I did a mighty find job of repairing those horendous holes. The room looks so different, but of course it would. The picture doesn't really do the colour justice. If I had to try and describe the colour I would say, terra cota meets salmon. Now the next step will be to get the red paint and find the time to get it applied.
Stay tuned for future updates. Not sure when they'll happen, but rest assured Princess is eager to get the next step in the process put in motion.

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